Sera Fill

The STERLE SINGLE USE POLYDIOXANONE SUTURE WITH NEEDLE classifies 2 types of mono and xog based on the suture shapes.
This device consists of the needle of Stainless steel, polydioxanone suture hub, and protect cap.
E. O. sterilization and Single-use. Easy to use.
Serafill Soft
Serafill Deep
Serafill Volume
1 ml
1 ml
1 ml
HA Concentration
24 mg
24 mg
24 mg
0.3 mg
0.3 mg
0.3 mg
Needle Size
30 G
27 G
27 G
Injection Depth
Upper dermis
Sub dermis
Deep dermis
Recommended Indications
Moderate wrinkles
Deep wrinkles, Augmentation

The advantages of Serafill

What is difference between Serafill and other fillers?

Higher cross-liking ratio results in more outstanding ability to resist the enzyme actions, thereby resulting
in greater retention power in the body by delaying approach of decomposition enzyme.

How do we quarantee Serafill?

Certificate of Conformity of Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Management

Exam Result

Serafill lasts 4 times longer than another well-known fillers such as R and J.

Benefits of HYALURONIC ACID based Serafill

Comparison of moisture retention

Superior Hydrophilic Capacity

Serafill is based on hyaluronic acid and provides excellent
volume effect through its high hydrophilic capacity and
stable molecular structure even after high cross-linking rate.
The structure of Hyaluronic acid based
Serafill filler and cross linking allows it to last longer

What happens to skin as we get older?

Treatment areas

Horizontal frown lines

Glabellar lines

Perioral wrinkles

Oral commissures

Nasolabial fold poeple

Marionette lines

The areas are treated by Serafill types